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“My friend introduced me to Outward because I had always been interested in working with people who are autistic, and I’m really glad I joined because being a support worker is a very rewarding and fulfilling job because you’re helping people meet their daily needs and achieve their goals in life. A day in the […]

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“The most rewarding part about being a support worker is making people happy and seeing them achieve different goals, become more independent, and a part of society.” Cynthia has worked at Outward since 2019 and has worked in a number of supported living services as well as Hub Club.

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“What I like about working at Outward is, when I need support, I can always find someone to help. If you become a support worker it’s a great opportunity to learn and be coached until you feel confident. There are plenty of opportunities to develop according to your skill. I joined Outward in 2001 as […]

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“Being at Outward has been a major learning curve. I have learned a lot as I’ve progressed through my positions – from support worker to support coordinator to deputy manager and now service manager. Throughout the years I’ve learned quite a bit about the individuals here as well as our colleagues. It has been rewarding […]

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“I started at Outward as a Tenancy Management Officer and although I’ve only been at Outward for 3 years, I have progressed up through 3 roles. My expectations have exceeded at Outward in terms of the progression. People have actually put their trust in me and realised I’m worth taking a shot on which has […]

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“What attracted me to Outward is what Outward stands for and how we’re trying to enable and empower people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible. The reason this attracted me is because I have a daughter who has learning difficulties – she’s got global developmental delay and I’ve always been a strong […]

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