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“I started at Outward as a Tenancy Management Officer and although I’ve only been at Outward for 3 years, I have progressed up through 3 roles.

My expectations have exceeded at Outward in terms of the progression. People have actually put their trust in me and realised I’m worth taking a shot on which has given me such a large confidence boost for the last three years. I’ve also encouraged close friends to come and get jobs at Outward.

For anyone who wants to join Outward I would say – don’t be afraid of work, don’t be afraid of learning something new, because as soon as you can apply those skills and responsibilities, there’s nothing that can stop you from gaining a promotion or going somewhere else. As long as you’ve got the transferrable skills to go into another role and you’re willing to take on that responsibility, Outward are very good at hiring from within, building and up-skilling people who may have been support workers up into management. If you can stay professional within your role and become an expert in what you’re supposed to be responsible for, that will give you the best tools in order to move on or move up in whatever you do. I’m also supporting my team to get management positions because they have all the tools.”