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“What I like about working at Outward is, when I need support, I can always find someone to help.

If you become a support worker it’s a great opportunity to learn and be coached until you feel confident. There are plenty of opportunities to develop according to your skill.

I joined Outward in 2001 as a support worker and after a couple years I became a senior support worker, then moved up to deputy manager and now I’m a team manager.

If you asked me which job I preferred out of all the roles I’ve worked in at Outward – I would say – support worker because I love to make people smile. It makes my day seeing the changed lives of the people we support from the day they joined us, up until now.

If you have good intentions and your heart is in it, you can really help the people we support. It’s a very rewarding job to help people and give them a good quality of life.”