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My Voluntary Outward Experience

Hi everyone,

My name is Myah. I am 21 years old and was born with Cerebral palsy. I have assisted in fundraising for Outward for nearly two years and helped run the activity afternoon’s over Zoom during the COVID pandemic. I enjoy volunteering for Outward because they are compassionate about supporting young people with disabilities.

I believe that Outward does not see people’s disability but the ability and the responsibility that the person is willing to take. Volunteering for them has given me a sense of leadership, compassion, and experience for my future health and social care career.

Outward reassures service users that there are people like them facing the same difficulties with disabilities. As a volunteer, I feel that my job combats the loneliness that often comes with having these. I’m a young adult that lives in the community amongst others with disabilities, although I see them as normal human beings. I believe that is what Outward also see’s when recruiting volunteers who have a disability.

Amongst other things, I have also done videos about Nutley Edge Activity Breaks and its fundraising efforts, using my experience, I know how important it is to have the right support when you are a permanent wheelchair user or if you are facing any other difficulties as a disabled person. Nutley Edge is an all-inclusive supported holiday scheme so guests care is included in the price of their stay as long as they do not have complex needs, or need one-to-one care, in this case it will cost the disabled person a lot more. Social services won’t fund people with complex needs holidays because they believe it is a luxury rather than as a necessity. I believe that holidays are a necessity for not only the person’s physical health but also their mental health, that is the reason for my desire to fundraise, so the people with more complex needs who require one-to-one care like myself, and are on a low income, or cannot work, can access this scheme and enjoy socialising and interacting with people they may meet on their holiday.

                                                                              Article By – Myah Richards


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