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Food Lovers Activity Break

A Week of Culinary Adventures at Nutley Edge

Our week at Nutley Edge began with an exciting start – sampling the food  at our local picture house. Once unpacked and settled into the cozy farmhouse, our guests were treated to an inventive 3-course meal prepared by our talented chef, Gary. And so, our food-filled adventures were underway.


Day 2 – Exploring Spain

The next day, we transformed the Nutley Edge into a one-week-only “restaurant,” with our chefs donning their personalised aprons and embarking on their first chef’s challenge, “MasterChef Nutley style.” They whipped up a mouthwatering Spanish stew and crusty rolls for lunch. After that, it was time for “Ready Steady Cook,” and some of our brave guests even took on a blindfold taste challenge – a delightfully fun experience. As the day drew to a close, our guests enjoyed the Spanish Tapas and Salad Tortilla bowls for dinner. The evening was capped off with some relaxation, whether it was watching a film, playing Uno, or engaging in creative pursuits


Day 3 – Embracing America

On the third day, we ventured to Tonbridge, where we enjoyed a much-needed walk around the castle and retail therapy. Upon our return, our Nutley chefs produced corn dogs, sliders with all the trimmings, wedges, and fries. The culinary adventure continued with a visit to our Milkshake bar, followed by Brownies. To top it off, we celebrated 3 birthdays and sang the night away at our Karaoke party.


Day 4 – Discovering Italy

Today, we welcomed our friends from the forest school, who taught us how to make flatbread with edible seeds to accompany a fire-cooked macaroni stew. We also learned the art of whittling willow sticks, which we used to toast marshmallows and make s’mores over the open fire. As the day drew to a close, our guests planted individual tomato plants, allowing them to continue their food journey at home. The Nutley chefs then showcased their pizza-making skills, where our guests choose their own toppings, which they enjoyed with an Italian salad and coleslaw.


Day 5 – Fruit Exploration

On our final day, we visited Oast Farm and participated in a fruit tasting quiz with Lizzie. We learned about and sampled a variety of delicious fruits, before enjoying a hearty lunch. As we bid farewell to our new friends, we set off on our journey home, our hearts and bellies full of the wonderful experiences we had shared.