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Engaging, Enabling, Empowering

Engaging, Enabling, Empowering

Please see a message from our CEO Nicky Boland

Outward budget was approved and therefore we can confirm the uplifts proposed below will take effect from 1st April. Outward are making a large investment in salary uplifts but also in learning and development and our digital strategy over the coming year which we hope will see Outward move forward in a renewed, positive direction from 23/24. Thank you for all your hard work. Each staff continues to stand by our aim and value. Engaging, Enabling and Empowering.

People we Support 

This month at Outward, we have focussed on how our service users have managed to overcome fears. Shola and Foaz has both shown what it takes to be an inspiration to so many of their peers. With tremendous help from support workers, and other organisations by their side, they’ve been able to overcome fears and obstacles in their lives.

Shola Empowered







Shola moved into Selwyn Road in 2015 and, at that time, sometimes suffered from low mood, and suicidal thoughts.  Nevertheless, over the past years especially, Shola has made a very big effort to overcome these barriers. In order to help overcome lack of self-confidence, she joined the drama group with “Access All Areas” and performed at the Hackney Festival in a show with hundreds of people in attendance: needless to say, she was very proud. Shola also joined the free style dance group, which she attends every Tuesday. Last November, she was successfully shortlisted for a performance in Sweden in front of large audiences. She performed very well and this was a dream come true for Shola. Shola feel very confident, pleased and empowered now she has overcome her fears.

Foaz confidence grew

When Foaz moved to Buxton Street, he was withdrawn and was spending most of his time in his room. Gradually, with staff supporting him along the way, he become more confident and started engaging in a number of activities. In October 2022, Foaz started volunteering at Tower Project’s cafeteria. Tower project’s staff were very pleased with him. In no time he was actively engaging with the cafeteria’s customers, and was fulfilling all of his duties: from washing the dishes to making coffees and cups of tea! Staff continued to encourage and empower Foaz and, in March 2023, he was asked to become an official member of Tower project’s cafeteria and sign his employment contract for two days a week. Staff and family are very proud of Foaz, but, most importantly, he is proud of his hard work! This good news and the experience altogether have positively impacted Foaz and his quality of life: he now feels more independent. He is very happy to attend work, rather than to stay at home in his room all day!


Outward Staffs

This month we were able to focus on female staff members in Outward for International Women’s Days. We surveyed staff as to what inspires them whilst working for Outward. Below is just one of the amazing responses we received.

Arlene Morson Role: Housing Officer

The best thing about my role is knowing that I’m having a key impact on people’s day to day lives.  Being able to provide support and supervision to enable clients to achieve their personal independent living goals is something I look forward to.

What motivates me? Although the job can be quite demanding at different levels sometimes, it’s a varied role that keeps my brain stimulated. The reward at the end is satisfactory knowing that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life regardless of how small that can be.

Quote: An investment in Housing is an investment in family stability, children’s success and the economic health of our entire state.-Ned Lamont.


Outward what to take this time out to thank each and every staff. This company keeps on being growing in a positive way. Due to the great work each person deliveries each day.

Thank you,