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Community Engagement & Volunteering Workshops

Reflecting on what matters to people we support 

Whilst preparing our 2023/24 business plan earlier in the year we reflected on all that our Outward community has achieved in 2022/23 and how we could build on these successes.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some of these key priorities in Outward’s 2023/24 Business Plan


Last year we were supported by some amazing volunteers and funders who enabled us to deliver additional well-being projects which hep the people we support reduce isolation, meet new friends and get healthier and happier.  Our Sports project, funded by Sports England got people active and having fun, our numerous nutrition projects helped people learn more about healthy cooking and eating well on a budget and our sex and relationships group supported inclusivity and safety.


Our latest survey from people we support told us that the things that really matter most to them are the things we all want in our lives – friends, loving relationships, hobbies and interests we can pursue, employment, holidays and feeling we have a purpose and are valued in society.

Care is not just about ensuring people are helped to do everyday tasks with patience and dignity, although that is very important! Its about giving people opportunities to enjoy life despite the challenges and barriers they may face.

Therefore this year we will be fundraising again to ensure we can keep delivering these essential projects alongside our important work delivering high quality care and support funded through local authorities and health. We will be recruiting more creative and caring volunteers and co-producing new well-being projects with people we support – I hear Strictly Come Outward maybe on the cards ….

We will also be expanding our respite options at our Nutley Edge holiday centre, giving more carers a break and their loved ones full filled holidays in the countryside.

This is really what our charity is all about and represented in our values; we are here to ENGAGE, ENBALE and EMPOWER

In the next blog I’ll be telling you why we are also focused upon digital transformation this year and how it will ensure our staff can spend more time directly with people we support and less time on paperwork.

If you want to know more about Outward services please get in touch at


Nicky Boland





The community engagement and volunteer team has been holding workshops for the people we support on sexual health, internet safety, and cyber safety art. These lessons were held at the Wood Street branch of the Outward Charity.

Use of learning about cyber safety on devices—including the internet, social media, online gaming, smart phones, tablets, and other connected devices—in a safe and responsible manner is known as cyber safety

It was wonderful to watch the individuals we support learn information about cyber safety and understand why it is essential for them to do so. People we support received the understanding and skills necessary to keep safe in online contexts from the cyber safety training. It entails accepting the advantages and chances provided by the online environment, such as reuniting with old acquaintances from school or social clubs and staying in touch with family members. While being aware of the dangers and avoiding any harm.

People we support got the chance to get creative with the volunteers, in a cyber arts and craft class. They were able to create images of social media logos and some expressive artwork based on their thoughts and feelings about social media.

the Sex and Relationships workshop had people we support from 9 different services were able to join these last 5 weeks. We discussed a number of crucial subjects, including: -Understanding emotions

-Setting Boundaries

-Indicators of both positive and negative associations

LGBTQ+ pride

-The meaning of consent

-The many forms of contraception and how they function -The various forms of relationships