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Outward Staff Conference




As a key part of our values driven approach of Enabling, Engaging and Empowering here at Outward we recently conducted an independently managed, organisational wide staff satisfaction survey with our results benchmarked against similar organisations.

We want to be the best employer we can and listening to, and acting upon, feedback from our colleagues is essential to that ambition. We know that in social care people who feel valued and respected will deliver the best quality of service to the people we are here to support – and that is the most important thing for Outward- the people at the centre of our services.

 We were delighted to report that 78% Outward staff recommend Outward as a good place to work and this was into top 25% benchmarked against similar organisations asking the same question.

Outward colleagues were really happy with learning and development opportunities in Outward and 86% people said they trusted and respected their manager; again in the top 25% of benchmarked responses.

Whilst overall our survey responses were really positive there is still work for us to do and feedback to act upon and at our recent staff conferences we shared our results and plans with colleagues and we will be reporting on progress throughout 2024.

 Thanks to all Outward colleagues who completed our survey and are helping make Outward a great place to work!

 If you are looking for a career in social care and can show you are caring, compassionate and committed to people with support needs living their best life possible– why not look at our vacancies and come and join us!