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Our response to COVID-19 and planning for the future

Outward are immensely proud of our amazing, committed and caring colleagues who have worked tirelessly during COVID to keep people we support and house safe. Our priorities throughout COVID have been safety first, ensuring we had adequate levels of PPE for staff and the support and systems in place to maintain excellent infection control standards, but also to support people with their mental well-being and provide interesting, safe activities at home and in the community during restrictions.

As we start to move towards a lifting of restrictions we are now planning for the next stage by supporting and encouraging people we support and staff to get essential vaccines, undertake regular testing and start to think about, and plan for their personal goals and aspirations, which so many of us are now re-assessing post COVID.

Our 2021/22 business plan is all about ‘Outcomes’ and ‘Well-being’ and we are moving forward with a range of well-being projects and a new fundraising strategy to support our aims to assist people to ‘re-start’ their lives, focus upon their health and happiness and re-engage with the local community.