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Diabetes Awareness at Outward

Over the last few weeks, Outward have been releasing our Diabetes Awareness podcast series. The podcast was created by WB, who is supported by our Tower Hamlets Outreach and Albert Cottages SLS teams, and produced in collaboration with our Community Engagement team. In this article, WB shares her experience. To listen to the podcast, click […]

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Student Volunteering Week: Michelle Chiu

At Outward, we have been assisted by a multitude of amazing student volunteers, who dedicate their time to the people we support and sharing their skills. This week is Student Volunteering Week, an annual celebration that aims to get more students involved in volunteering whilst highlighting those that already do. We especially wanted to shine […]

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Outward’s Very Own: Apprentice

In today’s society, exploring alternative ways to evolve academically whilst obtaining work experience has become extremely popular. A number of people are saying goodbye to university and hello to apprenticeships. I’m Pheonix Wilson or as one of my favourite rappers Drake would say –  Outward’s Very Own Apprentice.  This week marks National Apprenticeship Week and […]

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Case Study: PBS at Anthony Kendall House

Last week, we shared a story about how our newest Assistant Director, Ziki Gwatiringa, is working to implement Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) throughout Outward. This week, we’re sharing some of the incredible results PBS approaches are producing with the people we support at one of our services.  Opened in 2020, Anthony Kendall House (AKH) is […]

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Positive Behaviour Support: It Is Everyone’s Business

Positive Behaviour Support: It Is Everyone’s Business By Sophie Munden & Ziki Gwatiringa In 2021, Outward expanded its team of directors to welcome Ziki Gwatiringa, Assistant Director of Care & Support and Positive Behaviour Support Lead. With over 20 years of experience in health and social care – and seven years of experience specific to […]

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Festive Fun at Nutley Edge

This month at Nutley Edge we celebrated Christmas early…twice! We got into the Christmas spirit and  enjoyed the warmth of the farmhouse and some fresh air in the great outdoors. Guests enjoyed a host of activities including; Christmas decoration making, mince pie baking, a Christmas sing along with our folk singer Jo, festive fun with […]

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