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Outward has a long and proud history of involving volunteers in what we do, having been set up by a group of volunteers in the 1970s. We are always looking for friendly and committed volunteers to join us.

Volunteers make a hugely valuable contribution to people’s lives by reducing isolation, sharing skills and bringing a fresh outlook. These are all vital components that help ensure that vulnerble adults have meaningful independence.

How does it work?

There are many different ways you can volunteer with Outward. From leading large groups or volunteering with an individual, to supporting someone through a change in their life, you could be involved in community work, office work, befriending and much more. Each role is clearly defined so you know what to expect and what we ask from you. The roles are across all services, with different client groups and in many different boroughs. We will match you to the right opportunity.

Each volunteer receives a full induction as well as core training related to their role. We have a dedicated volunteering team who are available to support you if needed, as well as offer advice and guidance.

We hold regular volunteer meetings, enabling volunteers to share concerns and best practices, and for us to provide further guidance and advice. We also organise volunteer celebrations where volunteers are recognised for their valuable input. What we do for each celebration, and how we reward volunteers, is decided by the volunteers themselves.

“It is a great experience to see that my encouragement can change aspects of people's lives and helps them to gain more self-confidence.” - Outward volunteer

“Amazing experience. Love working with my customers.” - Outward volunteer

“The best thing about volunteering with Outward is that you can really see what an impact you have on the lives of customers.” - Outward volunteer

Why does Outward involve volunteers?

Outward involves volunteers in the organisation for many reasons, none of them economic. Volunteers are not used as a source of free labour or to reduce salary costs, but because volunteers have a unique ability to enhance the quality of life for our customers.

Many of our volunteers come from outside the world of social care. This means they can bring a fresh perspective to our organisation, complementing existing points of view within Outward. It can also make a huge difference to customers themselves to know that the volunteer is there because they really want to be there and not because they are paid to do so. The diversity of our volunteers mirrors that of our customers, meaning more points of view, more ideas and more skills are brought to our services.

“Outward has definitely given me a new focus on how support and care should be delivered, while at the same time emphasising human dignity.” - Outward volunteer

How to get involved

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please get in contact by email on or call us on 020 7275 9829, and we will be happy to provide you with further information about the opportunities available.

To apply to be a volunteer directly, please download our application form (at bottom of this page) and email it to us, using the same email address as above.

Volunteer Application Form