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Supported volunteering

Supported volunteering

Volunteering in Support and Care

Outward actively encourages the people we support to engage in volunteering opportunities, including those in support and care services, and administrative roles. People we support are guided through accessible training, whilst being offered the chance to enrol in further training to support their progression and skills.

"Paul is a very kind, caring, empathic and dedicated professional who has volunteered for years at Outward. Paul works one day each week and has always turned up to work on time, come rain or shine, and is always cheerful, friendly and enthusiastic about his work. On the odd occasion he cannot make it, he lets us know one week in advance, just to make sure we are aware.

Paul is very well-liked by the all the people he supports as well as the staff and is a well-integrated team member. He adds and improves the service by giving staff feedback through empathising from the perspective of those we support as he also receives support himself. He is able to give us a better perspective on how to provide care as a result. We are very lucky to have him and he has also developed his skills whilst being a volunteer and has also a paid job outside the organisation." (Zahour Akhtar, Care and Support Co-ordinator)

Outward's Volunteer Club

Outward’s Volunteer Club supports the people we support to play an inclusive role in their communities. The project has maintained an active membership for the last nine years and continues to grow year-on-year.

We work in partnership with a number of organisations to deliver environmental volunteering opportunities in the boroughs the people we support call home.

"Brilliant work has been done on Enfield Lock and in the green spaces of Hackney.  We know that Volunteer Club benefits community projects.  It is also a great way for volunteers to look after themselves.  How?  Getting together with others, sharing stories, engaging with nature, working as a team, being active, seeing a project progress, spending time outside, asking questions, laughing, soaking in some vitamin D, relaxing over lunch, feeling part of a community and taking responsibility for a task feels good!" (Cecilia Gell, Community and Engagement Officer)

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