Brokerage & Advice

Brokerage and Direct Payment Advice

Our brokerage team is trained by the National Brokerage Network and has been supporting people to develop person-centred support plans and to access appropriate services since 2011. We are able to provide brokerage and advice services to people in North and East London.

The team is experienced in offering brokerage support to both adults and young people, and in supporting people with complex needs who require intensive support packages.

Brokers work with individuals and their circles of support if requested. Our brokers are able to:

  • Develop person-centred plans

  • Plan and research so you know the options to suit your budget

  • Inform you of opportunities in the community that might be of interest to you, including work, education, social events and recreational activities

  • Research transport options

  • Direct you to services such as payroll and insurance if you wish to employ your own staff

  • Help you put your plan into action.

We can provide advice and support on a fixed-cost and hourly basis. Fixed costs range from £100 to £250 depending on individual needs and requirements.

How to employ your own staff

Are you receiving a Direct Payment?
Are you a self-funder?
Are you looking for real independence and more control over how your support is provided?
Maybe it's time to employ your own Personal Assistants.

We can advise you on creating a vacancy, recruiting and interviewing Personal Assistants and undertaking all the necessary safety checks. We can support you to access appropriate payroll services to take the worry out of paying salaries. Our expertise is driven by a real understanding of employment law and the effective provision of care and support. So if you are considering becoming an employer, then don't worry, we are here to help.

We offer additional services such as staff training, and can provide templates of employment forms, contracts and handbooks.

You can buy one-off services for things like staff recruitment, or you can pay by the hour for ad hoc advice and support whenever you need it.

How to contact us

Call the Brokerage Team on 020 8980 7101 or email us at