What makes us different

24-hour support

We can offer support 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. We help people on the autism spectrum and Asperger's Syndrome to:

  • improve their communication skills, whether they are verbal or non-verbal

  • develop strategies to help them better manage their sensory needs

  • develop effective coping strategies to reduce and better manage anxiety

  • to take small steps to experience success and develop motivation and self-esteem

  • become more independent.

Working closely with parents and carers

We provide a range of workshops and training courses to share best practice with parents, carers and professionals. We organise regular, ongoing meetings with parents/carers, send invitations to quarterly events, and produce a monthly newsletter.

Our aims are to respond to the needs and views of family members by maintaining regular and ongoing communication.

Years of experience

Our staff team are highly trained and have excellent knowledge and understanding of  autism spectrum disorders.

  • Our experienced team has a deep knowledge and understanding of ASD

  • Our staff undergo a comprehensive programme of training and professional development

  • We implement Positive Behavioural Intervention Plans based upon Functional Behavioural Assessments

  • We employ ethical, evidence-based interventions based upon respect for the individual and the functions of their behaviour.