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Outward’s Very Own: Apprentice

In today’s society, exploring alternative ways to evolve academically whilst obtaining work experience has become extremely popular. A number of people are saying goodbye to university and hello to apprenticeships. I’m Pheonix Wilson or as one of my favourite rappers Drake would say –  Outward’s Very Own Apprentice.  This week marks National Apprenticeship Week and what better author to narrate this written piece than myself. Here I will be breaking down my experience of being an apprentice at Outward. The first question you may be pondering upon is who is an apprentice and what is an apprenticeship? An apprentice is an individual who learns a skill or trade within a specific industry through a blend of paid work experience and academic study. It allows individuals to obtain a qualification useful to their chosen field.

I began my Marketing and Communications apprenticeship in the springtime of 2020. I was greeted by warm-welcoming staff who ensured I felt comfortable and excited to embark on my new journey as an apprentice. My first few months comprised of multiple meetings, informative workshops, presentations and assessments along with a multitude of social media and graphic design related tasks. Being an apprentice at Outward has presented numerous opportunities to learn, grow and obtain skills that are beneficial to my career development. I feel very supported and understood.

If you’d like to know more about how to take part in an apprenticeship, there is lots of helpful information on the government website. I found my apprenticeship by simply googling for apprenticeships in Marketing! 

It’s also useful to know that apprenticeships aren’t just for young people looking for training. Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 18 who is not in full time education. Outward is really passionate about providing opportunities for career development for its staff and offers opportunities for support workers and managers to advance their careers by taking part in apprenticeships while working. 

To find out more information about the training Outward offers, click here.   


Pheonix Wilson