Hackney Volunteer & Befriending Service and Hackney TPS Referrals

In October 2013, the London Borough of Hackney implemented a range of services for residents becoming frail or in need of 'that little bit of help'. These are called Targeted Preventative Services (TPS). There are three components to TPS:

  • Floating Support (for residents aged 16+)

  • Health & Wellbeing (18+)

  • and the Volunteer & Befriending Service (18+).

Outward delivers the Volunteering & Befriending Service, as well as being the central referral hub for all TPS services.

Once referred to us, we check and see which kind of service the person would benefit from most. We then coordinate the referral with our partner TPS organisations: One Support, SHP, Norwood and Family Mosaic.

Floating Support and Health & Wellbeing 

Floating Support can help you for up to 12 months with issues like: managing on a budget, finding work, training or education, getting involved in community activities, resolving difficult housing problems, support through a crisis and accessing other services such as social or voluntary services.

Health & Wellbeing activities are run by Norwood and their partners. These activities include cooking and eating sessions, work and employment skills training, yoga for mind, art therapy and walking groups.

Hackney Volunteer & Befriending Service

The Hackney Volunteer & Befriending Service (HVBS) is open to people living in Hackney who need help and support to maintain independence, to recover from illness or to become more involved in their local community. We can support all groups, provided that they are aged 18 or above and vulnerable as a result of:

  • severe social isolation

  • being on the verge of a crisis

  • frailty caused by age

  • mild mental health needs

  • non-complex learning or physical disability

  • long-term health needs

  • mild substance-use issues.

Our volunteers support beneficiaries in a number of ways. For example, volunteers check in over the phone, to see how they are doing and to assess their needs. Beneficiaries, at the same time, really enjoy the sound of a friendly voice.

Volunteers also visit beneficiaries at home, playing board games, helping out around the house and generally providing a sounding board. There is also an escorting service, helping people to get to appointments and to access services in their local area.

Referring someone to receive TPS services

If you feel that someone could benefit from any of the TPS services, please complete the downloadable Universal Referral Form at the bottom of this page.

You can submit the form by email to hackneytpsreferrals@outward.org.uk, or by post to:

Hackney TPS Referrals, 31 Waterson Street, Shoreditch, London E2 8HT

If you have any further questions, please get in touch by phone on 020 7249 9004.

Universal Referral Form