William takes big strides towards university and greater independence

14th February 2018

We had a really good chat with William the other day. William is an Outward customer on the Autism Spectrum whom we recently supported to start college in Tower Hamlets. This is a massive achievement for William who, as recently as six months ago, really struggled to leave the house unaccompanied and felt quite isolated.

William is an absolute ace at maths, so is taking maths classes in the afternoon. He also wants to be able to cook for himself, so he is taking cookery classes in the morning. He says that he likes preparing sausages and mashed potato, with delicious onion gravy.

His plan now is to go to university after college. We think this is such an impressive achievement for William, who has made big strides in such a short period of time. We are especially proud of William because he is travelling independently from his home to college on the Overground.

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