How shared ownership is achieved by people with learning disabilities

6th October 2017

If someone has a learning disability they may be able to access a mortgage if they meet a number of eligibilities, including:

  • Being in receipt of income and disability benefits (which could include income support, ESA support group and higher rate DLA)
  • Having a long term entitlement to those benefits
  • Being eligible for a support package that would meet their needs
  • Needs to move somewhere more suitable for their disability – this could be because of a physical environment, a need for self-contained space, to increase independence, moving nearer known places or circles of support, moving from temporary housing environments, moving away from home
  • Is able to pay the fees associated with purchasing a property
  • If they don’t have the capacity to make the decision about their housing, that there is a way that a family member via Court of Protection could act on their behalf.

How can the person afford ongoing housing costs if they receive state benefits?

  • They are able to meet a number of eligibilities
  • They can receive specialist financial support from My Safe Home
  • They are able to apply for an interest-only mortgage to buy their share of the property.
  • They are able to access a benefit called SMI that pays the majority of their mortgage interest.
  • Housing Benefit pays the rent and service charge on the share owned by the housing association.

100’s of people with learning disabilities access shared ownership across the UK. Outward and Newlon Housing Trust are experienced in supporting people with learning disabilities to access shared ownership in London.

We support candidates and their circle of support all the way through the process from considering this housing option through to achieving home ownership.

We have two shared ownership properties in Leyton for people with learning disabilities. We are taking referrals right NOW!

If you would like to find out more or discuss anyone who you think might be interested in the shared ownership opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Just email Sonia Lyng at