Our 2017 Gardening Competition - the final results!

27th September 2017

Outward's 2017 Gardening Competition has come to a close. The final results are in!

The purpose of our Gardening Competition is simple. We want to encourage the people we support to get outdoors, get active and take ownership of their garden spaces. This is part of our drive to 'Make a House a Home' and to encourage our customers to take pride in the places they live.

We had the pleasure of visiting 17 different gardens, from Enfield to Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest to Islington and beyond.

The standard of entries this year was so high that it was impossible to pick one overall winner. Instead, the judges decided to award fve 'Special Recogniton Awards', alongside other awards. These Awards went to:

Best Kitchen Garden goes to Bressey Avenue in Enfield:

Producing enough veg and herbs to feed a small army. A real makeover from Paul the head gardener and his assistants, with excellent support from Nina and her team.

Best Sensory Garden goes to Parkholme Road, Hackney:

Mary and the staff at Parkholme have managed to encourage and engage their customers to get out into the garden and make it their own. Lots of clever sensory features, including CDs hanging from tree branches.

Joint Most Improved Garden goes to 265 Camden Road:

One-man garden maestro Gerard has been joined by fellow customers Brigid, Suhyela and Paul to produce an amazing transformation that has inspired lots of artwork and other creativity.

Joint Most Improved Garden goes to Crayford Road:

Dean and Ashley have done a fantastic job and are clearly very proud of their garden. Tomatoes growing in the front garden, potatoes in the back. Such a big transformation that neighbours now come round to relax in the garden.

Best Newcomer goes to Selwyn Road, Tower Hamlets:

From zero to hero! An amazing transformation from the guys at Selwyn Road. This newbie will be an even stronger contender next year. Loads of colour and very neatly arranged. Relaxing!

We would like to say a huge thank you to staff for helping to make the Gardening Competition such a success this year. Your enthusiasm and creativity have really shone through. We are confident that next year will be even better!

All entries to the Gardening Competition have been sent vouchers to continue their good work. See you in 2018...