Our Gardening Competition sows the seeds for much bigger things

4th September 2017

Outward's 2017 Gardening Competition has come to a close. The results are in, but won't be shared until later this month. We want to leave you on tenterhooks people...

The purpose of our Gardening Competition is simple. We want to encourage the people we support to get outdoors, get active and take ownership of their garden spaces.

This is part of our drive to 'Make a House a Home' and to encourage our customers to take pride in the places they live.

Many of our gardens are now producing their own herbs and vegetables, which also encourages healthier eating. It's a win-win across the board.

We had the pleasure of visiting 17 different gardens, from Enfield to Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest to Islington and beyond. The judges (Peter Little, CEO, and Christopher Jacobs, Marketing & Communications Officer) covered a lot of ground. All these gardens were winners in our eyes! Both judges were in agreement that the standard of gardens they saw this year was a huge improvement on last year's.

There were kitchen gardens, sensory gardens, memorial gardens, colourful courtyard spaces and much more. Most importantly, the customers who showed us the fruits of their labour were clearly very proud of their achievements, as were we!

The judges were particularly impressed with all the scrapbooks they saw, documenting the journey each garden had taken. The scrapbooks clearly demonstrated that the gardens were not the proverbial 'flash in the pan' but carefully planned and creative projects that involved customers throughout and that will be sustainable in the future.

Well done to all our customers and staff who took part! We can't wait for next year's Competition, to see how the gardens are coming along, and for more customers to dust off their trowels and get involved.