Great Shared Ownership housing opportunities in Leyton for people with learning disabilities

27th July 2017

We are really pleased to announce that there are two Shared Ownership properties in a small block of flats in Leyton.

These flats are available to purchase by people with learning disabilities.

This opportunity is available only to people living in Waltham Forest.

The block of flats offers 10 fully accessible one-bedroom flats for rental in a purpose-built property which includes an on-site staff office and sleep-in room, lift, garden, and large communal room with kitchen for socialising.

The two Shared Ownership wheelchair-adapted flats are on the ground floor and they have allocated parking spaces and outside space.

One flat is 1 bed, one flat is 2 bed.

The flats give people scope to live separately to the block, with individual front doors to the street, as well as the option of entering the main building from a door at the back of each flat.

The two Shared Ownership flats are available for individuals with learning disabilities to purchase under the HOLD model (Home Ownership for the Long-Term Disabled).

A person with a learning disability who meets certain eligibilities can purchase a property and access support to pay towards housing costs. This gives a person with disabilities the rights of an owner. Additionally the HOLD model gives the person some support around maintenance and repair costs and insurances, as the housing association is responsible for some of the maintenance and repairs.

More details about how this is funded can be viewed at

The eligibility for shared ownership includes that the person with the disability is:

  • moving somewhere more suitable for their disability
  • is in receipt of certain benefits which may include income support, incapacity benefits, Employment Support Allowance (support group).
  • be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (middle or high rate) or Personal Independence Payment (high rate).
  • Have a long term entitlement to those benefit.
  • The person needs to be eligible for a support package that will meet their needs.
  • Be aged over 18 years old with a clean credit history, have no debts and have no criminal convictions.
  • Someone is unlikely to be eligible if they are suitably housed in a self-contained property and it meets their needs.

Do you know someone who might be interested in and eligible for these properties?

Please contact Sonia Lyng by email at