Suzie tells us how her new iPad has really helped her be less stressed about support sessions

24th January 2017

Suzie is an Outward customer with a learning disability living in Hackney. She gets outreach support from us to help her live independently in her own home, and to get out and about to do the things she wants to do. She loves her support sessions, but can get stressed about when they are scheduled for, how long they will last and what she's got planned for each one. Step in a new bit of technology that has really helped Suzie control her anxiety, by making it easier for her to keep on top of her support sessions.

Suzie's support workers Ali and Imtiaz spoke to her about her anxiety, to see what could help. They were aware of a great app called Choiceworks that's available on the Apple Store. The app is aimed mainly at children to help them complete daily routines (morning, day, and night), understand and control their feelings and improve their waiting skills. Ali and Imtiaz figured that it could work equally well to help Suzie plan her support sessions and other daily tasks.

We supported Suzie to buy an iPad over Christmas and load up the Choiceworks app. She is loving it, and has really got to grips with how it works. She can plug in her tasks and commitments for the week, and can also express and log how she is feeling at any particular time, to stay in control of her emotions.

Ali and Imtiaz also ran a family learning session with Suzie's mum, so that she could get her head round the app too, in case Suzie needed help with it in the future. She told us:

"I'm so pleased that Imtiaz has worked so well with Suzie on all this new technology, as she's clearly benefiting enormously. I really enjoyed the family learning session we did with Imtiaz, as Suzie could see me learning as well."

We would definitely recommend Choiceworks to other support staff who are looking to use technology to help people with learning disabilities better manage their day-to-day.