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Feeling at Home: Photography Workshop

Outward is constantly finding ways to engage and connect with the people we support in the most creative forms. This month, at one of our Waltham Forest supported living services, we hosted a photography workshop entitled “Feeling at Home“. The workshop was led by researchers at King’s College London with the aim of discovering what makes people with learning disabilities feel at home where they live.  The project will run for three years, after which the researchers will use their findings to create a toolkit for staff to help residents with learning disabilities feel more at home in group supported living services.

During the workshop, the participants worked with digital cameras and professionally taken images in an exercise tailored to bring out their observant, interactive and artistic side. Everyone was fascinated with the workshop as they used the cameras to capture images that included patterns. It was very great to see the people we support in their element, taking photos of not only the patterns but themselves and each other. Throughout the workshop they were also given some important tips about the fundamentals of taking a photo. One of the most important things the workshop taught the participants was the notion of consent and how important it is to . Always get the consent of others before taking a photo. This lesson ended the workshop nicely. All the participants had fun, got involved, and learnt something new.

In July, the Feeling At Home project will be hosting a Photovoice Exhibition, which will showcase photography taken through the workshops.

To find out more about the Feeling at Home project or the exhibition, click here.


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