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Digital Inclusivity for Learning Disabilities

“This will really engage my son more”

Outward partnered with the Digital Lifeline Fund, who are an emergency response project, tailored to getting devices, data, and digital skills support to persons with a learning disability, who have been digitally excluded.  They ensure that individuals with a learning disability in receipt of the devices, have the chance to benefit from the connection, skills and opportunities being online can provide.

A positive impact

Jahanara, the mother of Kashief who receives support from Outward, shared how this partnership has had a positive impact on her and her son. Kashief is non-verbal, and was informed that he would  receive a free tablet from the fund. Jahanara exclaimed “The tablet came with a protective screen, protective case, Wi-Fi dongle, pen and sim, so it was a fantastic package. As a parent who is a full-time carer, this would have cost a lot of money, so it was amazing to have the whole package in one”. The tablet would allow Kashief to download an app that can be used as a talking device to help support and encourage his speech. Jahanara mentioned how time-consuming the process of trying to accumulate a tablet for her son was in the past because the forms can often be long and confusing. “When you have a child who has special needs, you don’t have the time to do that kind of stuff on top of everything else … so to have an organisation like Outward that basically offers this and we don’t have to do any of the complex paperwork, it’s amazing.”

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