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Co-production Week at Outward

Outward is welcoming a new post-Covid wave of Coproduction, reintroducing our quality checking and co-training program, while growing our team. This year, our co-trainers will be involved in media production of accessible key policies including safeguarding. This will involve collaboration with our dedicated volunteers and placements students. Our Co-trainers will also be part of our core internal training for staff around Outcomes, Support Planning, and Positive Behavioural Support, while our Quality Checkers will be ensuring that our services are fit for purpose, and delivering good support.

Our Coproduction team will be meeting monthly to plan and discuss organisational issues, with members of the Senior Management Team attending quarterly to help support a good level of governance between Outward’s staff, people we support and the Board. We will also be hosting a big awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of the people we support and our staff in the Autumn.