‘It’s your life, it’s your support, it’s your choice’

Buying your own support gives you the freedom to live the life you want. It allows you to choose when and how your support is provided and most importantly, it allows you to decide what you use it for. Of course, how you use your support is entirely up to you...

Providing personal support
Personal care
Support in the home with domestic chores, cooking and shopping
Emotional support and befriending
Translating and interpreting services

Support with planning and organising
Support with paperwork and filling in forms
Risk analysis and needs assessments
Financial planning and managing your money
Life planning and scheduling your activities
Planning and going on holiday

Support with getting out and about
Doing what you like to do from socialising to pursuing your hobbies
Getting active through sports or exercise
Attending doctor, hospital or other scheduled appointments
Travel - getting from A to B or finding your way around London
Organising the things you want to do
Joining our hobby and interest groups such as art, drama, gardening or music

Support with achieving your potential
Finding and enrolling on training courses
Helping you to get a job
Helping you to get into college
Helping you volunteer

Who can buy support?

What is a Direct Payment?

How can I get a Direct Payment?

How much money will I get?

What is a Personal Assistant?

Who employs the Personal Assistant?

How much does it cost?