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Artistic Gifts for Learning Disability Week

This year’s theme for Learning Disability Week was art and creativity. At Outward, we support so many people who are artistically gifted. Over the past six weeks, the Community Engagement team have had the pleasure of collaborating with people we support from across our services to create training videos for Outward staff, people we support, and volunteers.

The videos will cover a variety of topics from Equality and Diversity to Staying Safe Online. Not only have the participants engaged in meaningful discussion about important topics that have guided the content of the videos, but they have also been behind all aspects of the production too! They have designed and crafted puppets and props, used their performance skills to dazzle in front of the camera, learnt about the technical side of filmmaking from sound to lighting, and created music that will be featured in the videos. We can’t wait to watch the final films!

By Sophie Munden

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